The mistress was already here when Tubain first gave me a home at the Res aB'tyrr. I discovered her secret by accident and have helped to maintain it ever since as it's clear that Tubain needs her. She can face things that he can't, and on her own ground she's a regular lion. Nobody else knows about this, not even Rothan,
Cleppetty, God Stalk,
"Chapter 6: Water Flow, Fire Leap"

Abernia is the wife of Tubain, the innkeeper of the Res aB'tyrr, the inn where Jame resides during the period covered by God Stalk. She is never seen, although she is frequently heard berating Tubain.[2] Jame first sees her on the night Tanis overdoses, and Jame first dances as the B'tyrr. Cleppetty sends Jame up with the cats, so they will be safe in Abernia's rooms while there's madness at the inn.[3] After this, Jame is told Abernia's secret by Cleppety; she is Tubain's female alter ego, not a separate person. This is reinforced when Jame helps strip female clothing off Tubain in a hurry when the Archiem of Skyrr and the King of Metalondar and their retinues decide to visit the inn.[4] However, when Jame says goodbye near the end of the book, Tubain and Abernia speak simultaneously through the door, leaving Jame very confused.[5]


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  4. God Stalk, Book III: Shroud of Days, "Chapter 12: A Flame Rising" — "Explaining the situation to Abernia through the keyhole took longer than it did for the innkeeper to emerge more or less in his proper attire once he understood what had happened. Jame followed him down the steps, ripping off the random bits of feminine apparel that he had not had time to remove."
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At the Res aB'tyrr
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