He seems to think that we [Shanir] have an unfair advantage over him. In my house, that could be true. Ability aside—and it’s no small thing to climb so high in the randon ranks—Aden owes his internal house rank largely to being Grandfather’s younger brother.
Timmon, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter XI: Rain", IV

Ran Aden was the Highborn Ardeth randon War-leader, one of Adric's younger brothers, he was, unusually for a high-ranking Ardeth, not a Shanir. He appeared, unnamed, in To Ride a Rathorn. He died in Honor's Paradox, while he was rapidly falling victim to senility when the Burley overflows thanks to Drie and the Eaten One.


the Randon Council
Ran Harn
Ran Sheth
Ran Aden
Ran Awl
Ran Jurien

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