Anar taught us the old stories.
Torisen, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XXII: Casting the Stones", III

Anar was a scrollsman, and one of the Exiles, Ganth's people who settled at the Keep.


Anar was presumably born in the Riverland. Ishtier was his elder brother. As a scrollsman, he was at Mount Alban when he was young.[4]

After the White Hills, Anar followed Ganth Gray Lord into exile, all the way over the Ebonbane to the Keep.

After Ishtier, their only priest, fled, Anar took over the priestly duties even though he was not properly trained, and that duty slowly destroyed his mind.[2] As he felt his mind going, he started keeping a journal and writing things down.[5]

He was also the tutor of Ganth's two children, Jame and Torisen, to whom he was very kind.[6] He was the one who urged Torisen to flee the keep when he was 15, even taking responsibility for the leaving on his own honor.[3]


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