The hill tribes call them "The Place Where No Man Rules," which translates rather inaccurately as the Anarchies. […] [T]he old priest at Kithorn claimed that they were the "thickest" area in Rathillien—that is, the most truly native, with the greatest natural resistance to Perimal Darkling. They've had a reputation for strangeness as far back as anyone can remember, and only the rathorns move freely there, to mate and to die. […] [T]hose few hunters who do manage to penetrate the Anarchies tend never to come out again. The land itself is said to be treacherous,
Marc, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 5: Under Green Leaves"

The Anarchies are a region in central Rathillien, between the Ebonbane and Snowthorns. Rathorns come there to breed and die.

Historical and religious significanceEdit

All the clans consider the south bank to be sacred ground. […] [N]ot long before our kind came to Rathillien, someone or something suddenly barred them from the Anarchies. Before that, they believed that their dead crossed the river to a new life, and that the soul of the tribe itself had its roots on the far bank. Their shamen still take turns crossing the Ever-quick to perform secret rites on the far side, which they hope will eventually get them back into the Anarchies.
Marc, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 5: Under Green Leaves"

The Anarchies are consisted sacred to the hill tribes. The hill tribes' shamen enter only by the spell-path.[1] It was taken by the Builders when they arrived to build the Kencyr temples; they enlisted the Grindarks as their workforce, promising them sole access to the Anarchies after they were done.

The Builders were wiped out by the natural forces of Rathillien and their structures left in ruin there, and the place became almost impassable to anyone.


  1. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 5: Under Green Leaves" — " 'That's the hill tribes' spell-path,' said Marc. 'Their shamen won't enter the Anarchies by any other route and no ordinary hillman is likely to at all.' "

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