Ardet grows too possessive and domineering. He chases the others off, but most nights all we do is sleep. Besides, his feet stink. [...] He can be kind when not crossed, and he makes the best butter in the village, worth much to me in trade.
Nessa, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter XV: Winter's Eve", I

Ardet is a Merikit man, and the best butter-maker in the village. He is the older of Nessa Silken-hair's housebonds, though not favored by her. He has tried for years to find another wyf, but to no avail.[1]

In Bound in Blood, Nessa, Chun, and Ardet go to Gran Cyd for a ruling over a domestic dispute, because Ardet was possessive, and would never let Chun have the night with Nessa. Despite this, Nessa did not want to divorce him. They came to some agreement there, likely concerning taking fair turns.

Later, during the Noyat raid, he tried to rape Prid, and was either maimed or killed by the battle maids.[2]


  1. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XV: Winter's Eve", I — "Prid snickered. 'He has tried for years to find another hearth,' she whispered. 'He even visits the girls' lodge, for some of us will have houses to keep when we come of age.' "
  2. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XV: Winter's Eve", II — "The cry of a child distracted her. Ardet had Prid down and was tearing at her clothes. Not all enemies come from outside. Jame kicked him away. The battle maids descended on him in a horde, shrieking and slashing as Jame backed off."

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