The Ardeth have always had a special interest in the Shanir.
Dark of the Moon,
"Appendix II: The Master's Generation"

The Ardeth are one of the powerful major Kencyr house.

Reputation and archetypesEdit

The Ardeth are known for their Shanir, who are welcomed among the Ardeth unlike in most other houses. In addition, the Ardeth are known for being subtle,[3] arrogant,[4] and scheming.[5]



So while the other houses have interbreed to reduce the number of Shanir, the Ardeth deliberately kept the old tradition to produce them. Their Highborn bloodline is kept purely Ardeth, with no interbreeding with other houses.[6] They are very proud of their pure bloodlines.[7][8]

Inter-house relationshipsEdit


They've traditionally been allies of the Knorth[9], perhaps because both houses resisted interbreeding with other houses. In recent times, Torisen's relationship with Adric has both strengthened and stressed their bond.

Ardeth Highborn family treeEdit

Older sons
(died in the White Hills)
DistanPeredenKendar woman


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