The wind rushed about him, slowly stripping away his fears. He began to sing to himself, very softly, first songs that the wandering singer had brought to the keep more than a year ago and then songs of his own. The wind deafened him to his own words but seemed to make them ring all the more clearly in his mind. He worked them this way and that, changing, polishing them, and for a while was content.
Arie's narration, Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry,
"Stranger Blood"

Arie is the son of Lord Min-drear and his Kendar randon Warder Kethra. As of "Stranger Blood", he perhaps the next lord, being the last of the Min-drears, but a half-Kendar bastard,[1] and crippled.[2]


Arie is, as all who rule or seek to rule a House must be, able to bind Kencyr to him.


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  2. Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry, "Stranger Blood" — " 'Kethra put me on a half-broken colt when I was a child. I—it reared and fell on me.' "