[T]hose Shanir with claws have an affinity to That-Which-Destroys, the most terrifying of all our god's aspects. Use yours as little as possible.
Tirandys, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 3: Old Friends, Old Enemies"

An Arrin-thari is a Kencyr who fights using the Arrin-thar, the fighting discipline using clawed hands. While anyone can wear clawed gauntlets, and this fighting skill is taught to randon candidates at Tentir, a very few Kencyr are natural Arrin-thari,[1] Shanir with clawed hands and sometimes feet.[2] Only two have so far been encountered.

Jame has clawed hands with fully retractable claws that emerged at the age of seven.

Bear, on the other hand, has hands with three-inch claws that cannot retract, and clawed feet as well.


  1. Bound in Blood, "Chapter VI: Blades Unsheathed", I — "her own ivory nails, […] She still wasn't used to taking them so casually. However, practice with another natural Arrin-thari, Bear, was beginning to help."
  2. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XXI: Loyalty or Honor", I — "Finally, she worked out the first claw, rather like digging a nail out of a board, and trimmed off its needle point. […] no one should have to suffer perennially sore feet. Such a simple thing—perhaps too simple for anyone but another Arrin-thari to have noticed."

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