Awl had done fine service at the Lower Huddles and on many other so-called fields of honor, often by his side. A good woman. A good randon.
Harn's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XII: Unsheathed", II

Ran Awl is the senior randon Randir, a member of the Randon Council, sometime commandant of Tentir, and Randir war-leader.[1][2] She is described as "raw-boned".[3] She was not bound to Rawneth;[2] she is a member of a secret group within the Randir loyal to its lost heir, Randiroc.[4]

In The Sea of Time, she does to the Southern Host in Kothifir, to investigate disappearances in the Randir barracks. She takes Shade with her, making her her aid.[2] She becomes Shade's mentor, and Shade is very hurt when she disappears.[5] Shade eventually finds Awl in the Master's House, becoming a changer, and at Awl's request, grants her the White Knife.[4]


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