Bark is a Caineron Kendar randon cadet at Tentir. who serves as Gorbel's servant.

He was in Obidin's ten-command until the autumn cull, when—after a freak accident involving a bucket of eels and a ball of lightning—the ten-command was split up, and he was moved to Gorbel's ten-command with Obidin, Amon, and Rori.[1]

Caldane made Gorbel's ten-command be replaced twice, and Bark was the only one who remained through those changes.[2] Jame suspects he may be spying on Gorbel for Caldane.[3]


  1. Bound in Blood, "Chapter V: Fractures", II — "[Obidin] had brought with him three Kendar from his old ten: Amon and Bark—the former his cadet servant, the latter Gorbel's, who hadn't previously been able to serve with his master because Caldane kept filling his lordan's roster—and Rori."
  2. Bound in Blood, "Chapter V: Fractures", II — " 'D'you mean he lost his second set in the Autumn cull?' […] 'all his Kendar too except his cadet servant Bark, who's been with him since the beginning. The Commandant let him have first pick of eight more from the cull pool to make up a new ten.' "
  3. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XI: Equinox", I — " 'Why didn't you bring Bark?' 'It's none of his business either.' Jame wondered if, like Burr in his early days with Tori, Bark was really at the college to spy on his master. True or not, Gorbel could easily believe so."