I suppose because he's a bastard, born without a name or a place.
Jame, Seeker's Mask, "Part V: Mount Alban", I

A bastard, among the Kencyrath, is a child conceived and born without a contract.


A bastard, among Highborn, is a child conceived and born without a contract allowing such a child having been granted by the woman's Lord. Since Highborn women can control conception, bastardy is rare. Because it is rare, and the result of a decision on their mother's part, it is considered extremely scandalous.


It is incorrectly believed by most that Kindrie is a bastard; however, his father (Gerridon) obtained a contract for Tieri from Gerraint just before the latter's death, fulfilled many years later.[1]


Because Kendar women cannot control conception with Highborn lovers, and because of the powerful Highborns have over them, bastardy is fairly common. Because of it's frequency, it's not considered terribly scandalous.


  • Shade is the bastard daughter of Kenan and a Kendar woman.
  • Vant's mother was the bastard daughter of Greshan and a Kendar woman.
  • Drie is the bastard son of Pereden and a Kendar woman.


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