The Battle of Urakarn was a military defeat for Kencyr forces when the Southern Host of Kothifir marched on Urakarn.



 Kruin tried to rise, but his legs folded under him. A look of astonishment crossed his wasted face.

 “Why, I’m dying. But I can’t be. You promised!” […]
 “Too bad,” he said in that deep but wryly dismissive tone. “It was an interesting experiment.”
 “Betrayed!” Kruin’s voice cracked into a howl. “I gave you access to my city! I gave you control of my court! At your suggestion, I have slaughtered most of my heirs! And now all you can say… is ‘Too bad’?”
 The Prophet shrugged. “Some few merit immortality. Most do not. Yours, I fear, is the common lot.”

Kruin and the Dark Prophet, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter XIII: Dreams and Nightmares", I

Near the end of his life, when he was dying, King Kruin of Kothifir kept the company of the Dark Prophet of the Karnids, who promised him immortality. For a time, Karnids were welcome in Kothifir. To become immortal, Kruin hired the Gnasher to hunt down his heirs and kill them, as the Prophet advised.[2][3]

When Kruin did die, it was in the throne room of the Rose Tower tower, and the Dark Prophet was there. He merely said, "Too bad," and then escaped.

After the king's death, Krothen came to power, though limited by a council that was put into power the same time he was.[4] After the Gnasher attacked the Rose Tower, and that same night, Prince Near died, the city council, at his wife Princess Amantine's insistence, declared war on Urakarn.[5][2]


The Southern Host, commanded by Genjar, favorite son of Caldane, Lord Caineron, attacked the Karnid stronghold of Urakarn.[6] The battle was a resounding defeat: many Kencyr were killed, many more captured; fewer escaped the Karnid torture as the religious fanatics attempted to convert them to the Karnid god. Torisen, Burr, Rowan, and Rose Iron-thorn all escaped (the first and last bearing pronounced scars on their hands and forehead, respectively); Rose died in the process of crossing the Dry Salt Sea.



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