The Battle of the Cataracts is the major event of the latter part of Dark of the Moon. It pits the Kencyrath and its allies from Karkinor against the Horde from the Southern Wastes. The Horde are influenced by Perimal Darkling and are led by Changers impersonating famous founding ancestors of some of the tribes.

The Kencyr forces rush to meet the advancing Horde at the Cataracts, the best narrow choke-point where a smaller but skilled force can hope to turn a more numerous but disorganized Horde.

In Tentir, in the Map Room, the battle itself and the locations of various people at progressing times are noted on a map that Commandant Sheth shows Jame. He comments blandly on the fact that Torisen was, somehow, frequently reported to be in two places at once, both on his warhorse Storm and on foot with a sword. Jame's inadvertant presence in the Kencyr battle lines is mentioned at several points.


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