I was there. I saw it all, until the Highlord's madness took me, and then—ancestors only know what I did, and to whom. We fought our own kind, you know, Kencyr against Kencyr, the Host against our own kindred hired out as mercenaries to the Seven Kings.
Harn, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter VII: In the Bear's Den", I

The Battle of the White Hills saw the forces of the Kencyrath, led by Ganth Gray Lord, fight a bloody battle against the Seven Kings of Bashti, whose army included many Kencyr mercenaries.



As soon as Ganth returned home to find the women of his house killed in the Knorth Massacre, he marched the Northern Host down to the White Hills, and attacked without parley.[1][3]


The battle lasted 3 days, with no clear winner.[1] It was a horrific battle, and so much blood was shed there that in places the ground could not absorb it. So many where dying they could not all be brought the White Knife.[4] The whole Host was infected over by Ganth's madness.


When the battle was over, Ganth by some accounts was stripped of his power by the Seven Kings,[5] and by other accounts, threw down the Kenthiar himself in despair,[2] and petty anger.[6]


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Tragedies of Kencyr history
The Fall Kithorn Massacre Knorth Massacre Battle of the White Hills Battle of Urakarn

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