We are sisters of the brand. We are stronger than what has been done to us. So my lady told me. So, thanks to you, I now understand. Be at rest in your strength, Kinzi-kin, as I now am in mine.
Bel-tairi, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XVII: Into the Wilds", V

Bel-tairi is a white Whinno-hir mare, nicknamed the White Lady who was the mount of the Knorth Matriarch, Kinzi.

She was Brithany's sister.[3]

She was branded on the face and blinded by Greshan when he was at Tentir, as revenge for Kinzi's blocking of his contract with Rawneth.[4] In an attempt to hide the awful thing his son had done, Gerraint ordered his randon to hunt down and kill Bel-tairi.

During the hunt, Greshan was killed by the Knorth randon for hurting a Whinno-hir; Hallik Hard-hand, the Knorth war-leader, committed suicide with a White Knife rather than explain Greshan's death to Gerraint. Seeing that Bel-tairi's trail ended at a cliff edge, with only a bare rock face on the far side of the chasm, the Knorth randon concluded that she had died and abandoned the hunt. Afterwards, the senior randon called her story the Shame of Tentir.

Bel-tairi was not dead; instead, she had passed through a portal into Mother Ragga's house, where she remained until Jame showed up at Tentir, awakening ghosts.


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