"Bel-tairi's Lullaby" is a song Bel-tairi sings to Death's-head in To Ride a Rathorn.[1] Jame sings it again to Tentir in Honor's Paradox.[2]

Lully lully lullaby.
Dream of meadows, free of flies,
Dream of friends who never lie,
And of love that never dies.
But all life must end in sighs,
So lully lully lullaby.

Lully lully lullaby.
Remember that all men do lie,
If not in words, then deeds belie
And they will hunt you till you die
And then your mouth will fill with flies,
So lully lully lullaby.


  1. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XV: Back to the Soulscape", V — "Under it sat a pale lady, with the head of the rathorn cradled in her lap. Lully lully lullaby, she sang in a low murmur, stroking his white neck and mane. Dream of meadows, free of flies… 'Isn't this Kindrie's soul-image?' Jame asked, perplexed. 'How did you get here?' "
  2. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter I: Songs in the Night", I — " 'Lordan, will you add a coda to my song?' Jameth hesitated, looking blank. Clearly, nothing came to mind. Then, as if despite herself, she began softly to sing:"