A berserker is a Kencyr Shanir, aligned with with an affinity for Regonereth, That-Which-Destroys.[1] In battle or when angered, they are very powerful, but loose control. It's a fairly common Shanir trait.[2]

While it is a Shanir trait in both, it expresses itself somewhat differently Kendar and Highborn. The berserker nature among Highborn is a colder, more considering thing among those who can control it, while a Kendar can rip an assailant limb from limb without realizing what they've done.

Known berserkersEdit




  1. Seeker's Mask, "Part I", II — "Berserker Highborn were Shanir with a strong affinity to the Third Face of God, That-Which-Destroys. Adolescent girls sometimes passed through a mock-berserker phase, but the genuine thing was not taken lightly by anyone remotely interested in a quiet life."
  2. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 4: First Blood" — " 'Harn, it's not all that rare a problem. One out of every few hundred Kendar must have a touch of the berserker.' "

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