The spellings blood price and blood-price are both used in the books.

A blood price is a Kencyr concept regarding revenge for the slain.

Traditionally, a blood-price is paid by a member of the slain's house killing their killer.[1] It can also be paid through gold, or though other arrangements.[2] Blood prices can also be waved, the the slain's family doesn't deem it necessary.[3]

Blood prices are demanded by the slain's family, and if the dead's family is all killed as well, blood prices are rendered somewhat irrelevant.[4] In the Kithorn massacre, after one Kencyr was killed, the Merikit killed everyone to try to stop the Kencyr coming after them for the blood price.[5] Blood prices cannot be demanded if both the victim and killer are of the same house,[6] though maternal blood-kin of another house can demand blood prices as well.[3]

At Tentir, if a cadet is killed, their house cannot claim their blood price.[7] This may only count if both the victim and killer are at the college; after Anise is killed by Noyat raiders, Jame refers to her killer's death as Anise's blood price.[8] Since Jame did not actively hunt the Noyat, however, the no blood prices of any rule kind might still be how it goes.

In lieu of formal blood-prices, other types of challenges may be made instead.[6]


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