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I never went out of my way to hurt you, Bortis. You attacked me. Three times. Does it threaten your manhood that your prey fought back and won? That wasn't supposed to happen, was it? Oh no, not to the great bandit chief. Well, I blinded you once, and by God, I can do it again.
Jame, Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 7: A Rage of Rathorns"

Bortis is a hill brigand from Skyrr who stays in Tai-tastigon during the winter.[3][4] He comes in Marplet sen Tenko's pay for a while, as a henchman,[5] thought Marplet later drives him out.[6]

Bortis is the sometime lover of Taniscent. She takes Dragon's Blood because of him,[7][8] and she finally ruins herself with an overdose at his urging.[9]

Bortis is half-blinded by Bane,[10] for which he blames Jame.[4] For that, he pursues her through much of Dark of the Moon, through the Anarchies.

Bortis leads a band of brigands. During the caravan season in God Stalk, they killed the first caravan bound for the Central Lands in the Blue Pass.[4] In Dark of the Moon, Jame meets them, the Black Band, in Peshtar.[1]


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