We're all bound in blood, to our god, to our lords, to each other, and none of us can get free, ever, never, ever…
Narsa, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter X: Noontide Ghosts", I

Bound in Blood is the fifth book in P. C. Hodgell's Kencyr series.

It deals with the autumn and early winter of Jame's year at Tentir.

Publishing HistoryEdit

A trade paperback was published on March 1, 2010, and is available for purchase from most major book distributors (e.g. as well as in electronic form directly from the Publisher, Baen Books.

Starting December 2009, an early, uncorrected copy (electronic Advanced Reader Copy) is available for purchase directly from Baen.


 To Melinda,
amidst toddlers screaming bloody murder.
P. C. Hodgell, Bound in Blood,


  • Prologue: A Flight of Jewel-Jaws (Summer 115)
  • Maps
  • Chapter I: Naming the Dead (Autumn's Eve: Summer 120)
  • Chapter II: A Dance in the Dark (Autumn's Eve: Summer 120)
  • Chapter III: The Forgotten (Autumn's Eve: Summer 120)
  • Chapter IV: In the Moon Garden (Autumn's Eve: Summer 120)
  • Chapter V: Fractures (Autumn 3)
  • Chapter VI: Blades Unsheathed (Autumn 3)
  • Chapter VII: Rude Walls (Autumn 3)
  • Chapter VIII: Glass of a Different Color (Autumn 20)
  • Chapter IX: Scrying Glass (Autumn 32–36)
  • Chapter X: Noontide Ghosts (Autumn 36)
  • Chapter XI: Equinox (Autumn 36)
  • Chapter XII: Fire and Ice (Autumn 36)
  • Chapter XIII: A Day in the Life (Autumn 45)
  • Chapter XIV: Two Chests (Autumn 46–57)
  • Chapter XV: Winter's Eve (Autumn 60)
  • Chapter XVI: Gothregor and Tentir (Winter 30–50)
  • Chapter XVII: The Winter War (Winter 60)
  • Epilogue (Winter 63)
  • Lexicon


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God Stalk
Dark of the Moon
Seeker's Mask
To Ride a Rathorn
Bound in Blood
Honor's Paradox
The Sea of Time
The Gates of Tagmeth

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