The Burley is a snow-fed stream that runs down out of the Snowthorns, beside the south side of Tentir, join the River Silver.

Tentir students have a favorite swimming hole in it, besides a large rock called Breakneck Rock.[1] Father downstream, the water pools again at Perimal's Cauldron, which is much bigger and not safe to swim in.[2]


  1. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XI: The White Lady", I — "Across the gorge, the stream plunged over boulders, half rapids, half falls, into a wide, oblong cauldron. The swiftest water flowed past on the far side of some large, flat-topped rocks into a stony bottleneck, then down into the next pool. The rest of the basin swirled slowly in an ever-renewing backwater."
  2. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XI: The White Lady", I — "Beyond that gaped the mouth of Perimal's Cauldron with the river thundering down into it and mist billowing out."

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