He was at least her age now and much taller, but he still had that small boy’s mischievous grin.
Jame's narration, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter XI: Night in a Lost City", II

Byrne is Evensong and Ean's son, and Gaudaric's grandson.

When Ean goes into the Southern Wastes with a caravan, Byrne stows away.[1] He isn't found until they're too far out for him to be sent back.[2]

Ean and Byrne end up in Langadine, where they live for many years. When he sees Jame again, he recognizes her instantly.[3] They eventually return home to Kothifir.[4]


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  2. The Sea of Time, "Chapter IX: Into the Wastes", III — "he untied the tarpaulin, threw it back, and discovered Byrne […] 'What am I going to do with you?' he demanded, distraught, of his young son. 'Your mother must be frantic, and your grandfather too!' 'I’m here, Papa, […] Now you have to take me with you.' Indeed, Ean had no choice. He couldn’t turn back himself, given what his father-in-law had staked on this expedition, "
  3. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XI: Night in a Lost City", II — " 'Talisman!' Jame started as big hands grabbed and spun her around. A young man with curly chestnut hair stared down at her with disbelief and dawning delight. 'It is you, isn’t it?' He shook her until her teeth rattled. 'I always knew that you would come!' 'Byrne?' "
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