Caldane, Lord Caineron, loves no one but himself. We don't play for love in my house, only for power. And survival.
Gorbel, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XIV: To Ride a Rathorn", II

The Caineron are one of the powerful major Kencyr house. They are the wealthiest house and the largest both in terms of Highborn and sworn Kendar; in addition, they maintain a large force of yondri.[7]

Reputation and archetypesEdit

The Caineron have a reputation for pride and ambition—and gaudiness,[8] stupidity,[9] and a habit of underestimating their foes.


The Caineron, like all the houses, received an awful blow at the Battle of the White Hills.[10] Caldane's father, the previous Lord Caineron, was killed there, and Caldane became the next lord.[3] After that, Caldane tried to rebuild their house, by taking in large numbers of yondri.

Inter-house relationshipsEdit


The Coman have traditionally been very strong allies of the Caineron, with lots of interbreeding between the two houses. However, their new lord, Korey, is less of an ally that previous lords have been, and so this bond is faltering.


They have been rivals of the Knorth since the White Hills, where the at-the-time Lord Caineron was killed in Ganth's folly. His son, Caldane, the next Lord Caineron, has carried anger over that ever since then.[3] This hatred was compacted by what happened with Genjar in the Southern Wastes.[3][11] The Knorth and Caineron had a brief alliance when Torisen took Kallystine as his consort,[12] but the alliance ended when the contract did, with the Knorth and Caineron on worse terms than ever.


The Caineron and Randir are allies[13]—at least so far in that they are united against the Knorth. It is a "my enemy's enemy" type alliance. Both houses want power, and if the Knorth were out of the way, the Caineron and Randir would surely turn on each other in a heartbeat, as their former ally would then be their greatest threat to power. But with the Knorth in power, the Caineron and Randir unite in working to pull them down—and the question of which of the two of houses would take power next can wait.

Caineron Highborn family treeEdit


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