Carbinia is the Lady of the Silver Court of the Thieves' Guild of Tai-tastigon, and thus one of the five top officials under the Sirdan Theocandi.[1] Her task is to assess the value, the guild dues, and the period of jeopardy associated with any stolen item made of silver.

Her son appears to be an inept thief, and gets caught pickpocketing for the third time in a year during God Stalk. The previous two times, Theocandi ransomed him, but after three times, the Five were getting annoyed.[2] Harr sen Tenko, one of the Five, threatens execution for this, as a deliberate ploy to divide Carbinia from Theocandi and not vote for him in the Guild Council elections. Theocandi tries to get the boy ransomed, but does not manage to get him fully acquitted—only exiled.[3] Carbinia ends up not turning up to the Conclave of Electors at all, refusing to vote either for or against the man who secured her son's life but not his freedom.[4]


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