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Cethron Highlord was the Highlord of the Kencyrath on the world before Rathillien.


Cethron was the father of his ill-fated successor, Gerridon, as well as Jamethiel Dream-Weaver, by the Knorth lady Periel.[1] Periel was blood-kin, and their match was arranged by matriarchs, trying to breed the Tyr-ridan.[2]

Later, Cethron had a younger son, Glendar, who took over as Highlord after Gerridon's fall, bt Lorien, another Knorth Highborn lady.[1]


Like all lords and matriarchs, Cethron was Shanir with the power to bind Kencyr to him. Since the matriarchs were using Cethron to breed the Tyr-ridan,[2] he was surely a powerful Shanir in other ways as well.


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