The Mistress reaped souls to keep Gerridon of Knorth young; but you have gained your "immortality" by coupling with the foulest shadows that creep in the farthest rooms of the Master's House, across the thresholds of a hundred fallen worlds. Now you crawl back to them whenever lust or severe injury drives you and find renewal in their arms. But they warp you, Keral, body and soul, more and more each time. Even now you can no longer hold any true shape. Soon you will crawl on your belly like some pallid slug until your very bones liquefy
Immalai, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 1: Fire and Ice"

A changer is a Kencyr who followed Gerridon and Fell with him, and who by coupling with the foulest shadows in the farthest rooms of the Master's House has gained immortality thereby and the ability to shape-shift.[1][2] The changer is warped by this in mind, body and soul, and will eventually lose the ability to hold any fixed shape as the chaotic nature of Perimal Darkling takes over his being.

Changers appear to have had to be Shanir and thus Highborn or part-Highborn. They retain at least some of those abilities including the ability to be bound to a creature. In the case of the changer who is sent to kill Torisen at Tentir in Dark of the Moon, the changer is bound to a wyrm.[3]

Changers are very hard to kill; only fire,[3] or the Ivory Knife,[4] have so far been shown to work. Fire kindles a changer's blood. Their blood is corrosive enough to eat through steel weapons and would be poisonous if drunk.[5] The blood of a Shanir blood-binder, however, if consumed by a Changer, induces excruciating agony and convulsions so powerful that they break bones; it does not appear to kill a changer, but they will seek death rather than endure it.[5][4][6]

Changers, it appears, must consume the blood of a person in order to be able to impersonate them.[5] Blood also is food for a changer and they appear to need to consume it in order to regain energy, at least when outside of Perimal Darkling.[3]

Known changersEdit

Changers who are named include:


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