Because you [Ardeth] also produce strong Shanir, as we know to our grief from Pereden. Because his son may also be a dream-stalker, as well as a charmer. Because he's already snared a Kendar girl with his glamour and bedded her. We all know what damage that can cause, and how many Kendar Pereden ruined.
Hawthorn, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XII: Unsheathed", V

Charmers are Shanir, mostly from the Ardeth. Pereden was a charmer, as were his sons. They are very persuasive, almost addicting, and people can often literally not refuse them.[1][2]



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  2. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XVI: Tests", II — " 'A white for diplomacy,' he said proudly. She laughed. As practiced at Tentir, diplomacy and debate were closely linked, with the hitch that one truly had to convince one’s opponent. 'You’re a charmer. What could be easier?' "
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