[A]s one of the Kencyrath's smallest houses, the Coman always made a fuss about whatever they did to inflate their own self-importance.
Harn's narration, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter XXI: Before the Storm"

The Coman are one of the lesser of the major Kencyr houses.


Early in Dark of the Moon, the old Lord Coman died without a lordan. Tradionally, his eldest son Demoth would've become the next lord, except he did not have his house's support, with most Coman supoorting his younger half-brother Korey.[2] Both sought for the Highlord to confirm them. When the Host marched on the Cataracts, Demoth was temporarily made lord, but during the Battle of the Cataracts, Torisen witnessed both men, and decided to confirm Korey.[4]

Inter-house relationshipsEdit


The Coman have traditionally been very strong allies of the Caineron, with lots of interbreeding between the two houses.[2][5] However, their new lord, Korey, is less of an ally that previous lords have been, and so this bond is faltering.[6]


The Coman have have a been at odds with the Edirr, being houses of similar size and neighbors right across the river.[7] The Edirr sometimes poach on the Coman's side of the river, with the Lords Edirr sometimes leading the raids themselves, just for the devilment of it in it's own right.[8]

Coman Highborn Family TreeEdit

Ardeth lady|Old Lord ComanCaineron lady


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