The Highborn advanced at his leisure, his dark purple robe, crusted with gold embroidery, swishing across the floor in the silence. His face was finer cut and more austere than most Caineron, his silvery hair slicked back from a sharp widow's peak. He looked far more like the leader of a house than his over-weight, over-bearing nephew. Jame wondered why Caldane was Lord Caineron and not his uncle, and whether Corrudin resented it. He didn't look like a man to suffer fools, gladly or otherwise.
Jame's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter X: Battles Old and New", III

Corrudin is a Caineron Highborn who is Caldane, Lord Caineron's uncle, adviser and counselor.[1]

Sheth Sharp-tongue described him as a "powerful Shanir, that, and dangerous. After all, he brings out the worst in everyone." Corrudin is a Shanir and has a strong Voice of Command.[2]

In To Ride a Rathorn, he arrives at Tentir to give a "lesson" to the randon candidates about how to resist foolish commands from lesser Highborn. After matching wills with Gorbel, and losing, he orders Jame to make Brier kiss Jame's boots. Jame refuses, and tells him to "Back. Off." This turns out to be a command so powerful that it makes Corrudin walk backwards out of a window and fall two stories onto a tin roof, much to Gorbel's amusement.

Sheth tells Jame later that Corrudin suffered a cracked collarbone and many bruises; furthermore, he feels the constant compulsion to back up that can only be overcome with concentration. Sheth further tells her that in his opinion Jame would have done his house a service by killing Corrudin, but it might have caused civil war.[2]


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