Corvine is a Randir sargent who was hard on Knorth students at Tentir.[1] She has a distinctive, gravelly voice.[2]


Corvine was born a Knorth Kendar. Winter was her cousin.

Corvine became an Oath-breaker and abandoned Ganth in his exile in the White Hills because she was pregnant. Her baby was stillborn, though. Corvine was then taken in by the Randir, and bound to a minor Highborn.

She later had a son named Quirl, her last child. Quirl was a randon cadet. At Tentir, he tried to assassinate Randiroc, and failed. As punishment for his failure, Rawneth too away the dead boy's name, which made his soul crumble. Even his mother couldn't remember him; only that he'd been her son and that she'd lost him. Corvine's bond to the Randir broke that night, and any loyalty she had to them as destroyed. Corvine got Jame to tell her Quirl's name, and then she carved it into her forearm, so she wouldn't loose it, even thought she couldn't remember.

The following year, her bond with the Randir being broken, Torisen bound her back to the Knorth.[3][4]

In The Gates of Tagmeth, she serves as ten-commander to one of the 10 ten-commands in Jame's hundred-command at Tagmeth.


  1. Bound in Blood, "Chapter III: The Forgotten" — "the Kendar nicknamed Corvine was currently doing a guard rotation in the Women's Halls at Gothregor. Tentir had been much more pleasant without the Randir drill sargent running any Knorth she could find into the ground."
  2. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XX: A Season of Fog", V — "She had a distinctive, square face, small eyes, and the clenched, blunt jaw of a Molocar. A scar across her throat explained the gravel in her voice."
  3. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XIII: A Day in the Life", V — " 'That doesn't sound like a Randir.' 'I wasn't always. […] I'm an Oath-breaker.' […] 'You were a Knorth?' 'Long ago, before the White Hills. I broke faith because of my unborn child. I didn't follow my lord into exile. The Randir took me in, as they did many others of my kind. But it was all for naught: the babe was stillborn.' "
  4. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XX: A Season of Fog", V — " 'I had a son, […] My last child. A randon cadet. His name was…' […] she rolled up a sleeve and read the name etched in deep, crude scars on her forearm. 'Quirl. He tried to assassinate the Randir Heir at Tentir, and failed. Lady Rawneth took away his name, his soul. She did the same to all the cadets who failed to do her will. Their parents can’t remember them, only that they have lost something precious. My bond to the Randir broke that night, but no one seemed to notice except me.' 'To whom were you bound?' 'To a minor Randir Highborn, a Shanir confined to the Priests’ College.' "
Ten-commanders of Jame's hundred-command at Tagmeth
Dar Mint Niall Damson Corvine Jerr Talbet Berry Huckle Char

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