Cully was one of Torisen's first command in the Southern Host. He could've been a randon sargent, but was set back by the Knorth's collapse after Ganth's exile. Cully was One-Who-Had-Returned or an oath-breaker.[1]

He was killed at Urakarn with an arrow through his throat.[2]


  1. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XIII: Dreams and Nightmares", II — "Cully loomed over him—all the Kendar did. He and they were also at least ten years Tori’s senior. If the Knorth had still been in power, Cully might have been a randon sargent in their house."
  2. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XIII: Dreams and Nightmares", VI — "More arrows plinked off of them. Cully scrabbled at the wooden shaft, struggling to breathe around it, then his big hands went limp. Tori closed his eyes."

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