Her left arm jerked up as she tried to snare his knife in the full sleeve of her d'hen. For a second the blade caught in the tough, mesh lining, then he twisted it free and jumped back.
Jame's narration, God Stalk,
"Chapter 5: Winter Days"

A d'hen is a Tastigon flash-blade's jacket.[2] They're worn belted.[3] The sleeve of the dominant, knife-holding arm is tight, while the other sleeve is full, padded, and reinforced with steel mesh. This is to catch and turn an attacker's blade, making it in effect a light shield.[1]

Young members of the Thieves' Guild tend to wear d'hens, generally in a signature color which may be associated with their family, Master or loyalties. Dally wears a royal blue d'hen, which is the color of his brother, Men-dalis, and the New Faction.[4] Darinby, meanwhile, wears a cream velvet d'hen,[5] and Jame constantly wears a black one.


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