Trinity. Was the girl ignorant or insane? […] [T]his cadet seemed to have no sense of responsibility at all, and precious little conscience. […] How did one judge such an anomaly as a Kencyr with no inborn sense of honor?
Jame's narration, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter VII: The Day of Misrule", I

Damson is a Knorth randon cadet who is one of Jame's ten-command, replacing the deceased Anise in Bound in Blood. She is Shanir, with the ability to mind-control.

Described as "a quiet, thick-set Kendar", Damson was previously in Vant's ten-command, where she was frequently teased about her weight.[4] She has black hair that can cover her face. It's noted that, like Brier, she can't swim.[5]

In The Gates of Tagmeth, she serves as ten-commander to one of the 10 ten-commands in Jame's hundred-command at Tagmeth. Quill becomes her Five.


  1. The Gates of Tagmeth, "Chapter II: Departure", V — " 'Dar, Mint, Niall, and Damson have been promoted to ten-commanders.' "
  2. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter VII: The Day of Misrule", I — "A few small changes in the head…! How much did it take to cause seizures or even death? Damson appeared to be a Shanir linked to That-Which-Destroys, her power an inversion of a healer’s in that it allowed her to hurt without touching, apparently without even much thought. God’s claws, how dangerous."
  3. The Sea of Time, "Chapter IV: Red Dust", I — "The Kendar girl could shift things in people’s heads, in one case having caused the cadet Vant to lose his balance and fall into the firepit where he had burned to death—all because he had teased her about her weight."
  4. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XIII: A Day in the Life", II — "Her own table had gained a quiet, thick-set Kendar named Damson to fill Anise's empty chair. One couldn't tell yet if the girl resented this change or was naturally shy among comparative strangers. At least no one was teasing her about being overweight, as had been the case when she had served in her previous command."
  5. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XIII: A Day in the Life", IV — " 'I-I can't swim.' 'Oh. Well, neither can Brier.' "
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