The healer's use of soul-images suggested that the body reflected the spirit. Was Dari really so ambitious that he would even devour himself? So far in his grandfather's absence, however, he had run his house well. Prune-faced or not, he was a competent man.
Torisen's narration, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter V: The High Council", II

Dari is an ambitious Ardeth Highborn. Though he does not hold the position of Ardeth Lordan, he wants it, probably more than Timmon, the actual lordan.[3]

When Adric, Lord Ardeth, went south, to search for Pereden's bones, Dari began managing the house, and come spring, he asked the Highlord to make him lordan regent, despite not having enough support within the Ardeth.[6][7] Dari attended the Lordan's Presentation, and was described as a middle-aged man with a pissy expression.[8] Even after Adric returned, Dari continued to push to be made lordan regent, especially after Adric started to show signs of sensibility.[4]

Dari is infamous for a gum condition of his. He suffers from horrible breath, like a rotten eel,[1][2] and his teeth keep falling out and growing back.[9] Out of embarrassment, he tries to move his lips as little as possible when he speaks, to hide his teeth and lack thereof.[8]

In The Gates of Tagmeth, plans are made with the Caineron for Lyra to become his consort, though that falls through.

Dari's place in the Ardeth is unclear. In Seeker's Mask, Adric calls Dari his grandson,[1]. In To Ride a Rathorn, Jame references that again, but calls Adric Dari's father.[2] In Honor's Paradox, Marc calls him once again Adric's grandson,[7] as does Torisen.[8] In The Sea of Time, Adric calls Dari his son in a letter to Torisen.[5]

In terms of trying to make sense of all this, what Jame and Marc — and to a lesser degree, Torisen — say about Dari's relations can written off as them not knowing better. Adric is becoming senile by The Sea of Time, and if definitely beginning to mix up sons and grandsons: for example, Pereden and Timmon. His mind was still strong in Seeker's Mask. In Dark of the Moon, Adric says that all his sons but Pereden, the youngest, died in the White Hills, and this would rule out the possibly of Dari being Adric's son, and it would imply that Dari is the son of one of Adric's sons who died then.[10]


Dari is, as all who rule or seek to rule a House must be, able to bind Kencyr to him.


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