The Darkwyr sign is an ancient hand gesture to ward against evil.[1] Jame sees the shades of the dead in the Master's House make the sign against her when, drugged, she is headed towards the Master's marriage bed in Dark of the Moon.[2] Rue, a Min-drear, makes the sign when she sees Caldane's likeness in a Caineron cadet.[3] In the short story "Stranger Blood", other Min-drear make the sign against the avenging Changer and the evil they themselves had unwittingly done,[4] while later on Jame starts to make the sign in reverse, which is stopped by Terribend catching har arm and throwing her backward. It seems that the reversed sign may welcome evil, rather than warding against it.[5]

We do not see any Riverland Kencyr make the sign, which may be indicative of how much Perimal Darkling has become a matter of stories rather than present reality for them.


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