Dead water is a type of water condition that exists in patches on the seas of Rathillien. It cannot support a ship's weight and the ship will sink "like a brick—ship, cargo, and all."[1] It is particularly prevalent around the Cape of the Lost.[2]


  1. God Stalk, Book II: Crown of Nights, "Chapter 6: Water Flow, Fire Leap" — " 'What about the sea routes?' 'These days, that's for those who don't care what they pay, or if they arrive. You've heard of dead water? Hit a patch of that some dark night and you sink like a brick—ship, cargo, and all. The straits are rotten with it.' "
  2. Seeker's Mask, "Part III: The Riverland", II — "This world might have some odd aquatic conditions, […] patches of dead water off the Cape of the Lost where ships sank like bricks;"

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