You have no right! I lead the Coman! I order attack or retreat, or anything else I damn well please!
Demoth, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 10: The Lurking Past"

Demoth is a Highborn of house Coman.

When the previous Lord Coman died without a lordan, standard procedure said that his eldest son Demoth become the next lord. However, the Coman didn't think well of Demoth, and chose Korey as their next lord instead.[2] His mother was an Ardeth, and for this reason Adric supported him as candidate for Lord Coman.[1] However, to become Lord Coman, Korey need the Highlord's confirmation. Torisen named Demoth Lord Coman temporarily when they Host matched on the Cataracts, but held off from confirming him fully.[3] During the Battle of the Cataracts, Torisen got a better look at Demoth's abilities, and decided to confirm Korey as Lord Coman.[4]


Demoth was, as all Highborn, who rule or seek to rule a House must be, a Shanir able to bind Kencyr to him.


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