Donkerri is Caldane, Lord Caineron's grandson, and Nusair's son.[1] He is one of the Highborn boys Torisen takes with him on a tour of the Riverland keeps in an effort to get the younger generation of boys to form friendships with others of other Kencyr houses, early in Dark of the Moon.[2]


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  2. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 2: The Hell Hunt" — "Every six months, he summoned nine different Highborn youngsters from various houses of the Kencyrath to serve him. Some, one day, might become the heads of their respective families; others might die in the vicious blood feuds […] He wanted these boys to know him, and each other. If the Houses ever became as linked by friendship as they were by blood, perhaps at last the killing would stop. […] There was even one of Lord Caineron's numerous grandsons here: Donkerri, a timid, pale-faced boy who had clearly been reared to think of Torisen as Grandpa's greatest enemy,"