There's a drug called Dragon's Blood. It temporarily restores youth—or the illusion of it—but the more often you take it the more you need, and the faster you age between times.
Cleppetty, God Stalk,
"Chapter 2: The House of Luck-Bringers"

Dragon's Blood is a drug that provides the illusion of youth for a short time, but pays for that by aging the user in reality. Taniscent uses Dragon's Blood to look younger when she dances and for her lover Bortis.[1]

It is not certain whether the dragons referenced in the drug's name are real or mythical.


  1. God Stalk, Book I: Tatters of Dusk, "Chapter 2: The House of Luck-Bringers" — " 'Tanis started using it four years ago when she turned twenty and thought that age was ruining her dancing. Now she takes it because of that worthless lover of hers,' "

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