Timmon's vacant-eyed Ardeth Drie, who was smiling to himself. If the Falconer hadn't been so distracted, he would have boxed the latter's ears for letting himself drift, as he often had before. No one knew to what creature Drie was bound, only that even when he walked dry-shod, he left behind a trail of wet footprints.
Jame's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter V: Fractures", III

Drie is a Ardeth randon cadet in Timmon ten-commend at Tentir who has the Shanir ability to bind with animals.


Drie is Pereden's bastard son, his mother a Ardeth Kendar.[4]

In being Pereden's son, he is also Timmon's half-brother.[5] Distan hates him, for being a Shanir, and for being her beloved son's by another women.[6] When Timmon was younger, Drie was his whipping boy. He bonded with a carp in the Omiroth pond, and when Pereden found out, he forced Drie to kill and eat the fish. This deeply traumatized Drie.

When Timmon went to Tentir, he took Drie with him to get him away from their father. At Tentir, Drie did well, and formed a new bond with the Eaten One. He became the Eaten One's Favorite,[7] and next time anyone saw him, he was living happily inside the Eaten One's mouth.[8]


Drie is half Ardeth Highborn, a powerful Shanir. He is a charmer, like his father and half-brother, able to get his own way and convince people of things with ease.[2] He was also bound to a carp, and later, to the Eaten One.


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the Falconeers
the Eaten One

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