The Earth Wife is the elemental personification of earth in the Four. She has the form of old woman.

The Four were all humans who died at the time when the Kencyr temples activated in Rathillien. Mother Ragga, was an old woman who dug her son's grave. When she was done, he buried her in it.[1]

The Earth Wife has a sidekick, an imp, and lives in a lodge.

The Earth Wife is also associated with fertility. She The Earth Wife is related to other, older stories, that predate the Kencyr arrival on Rathillien, such as imus.[2]


  1. Seeker's Mask, "Part VIII: Kithorn" — " 'Earth Wife, tell us a story. "There was an old woman…" ' '…who dug her son's grave. And when it was done, he buried her in it. Tcha… men!' 'But she didn't die.' "
  2. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter X: Spring Equinox" — "a stone figurine […] roughly diamond-shaped, bulging toward the middle, tapering at the points. […] Two sagging breasts, a pendulous belly, no head, hands or feet to speak of… all the stress was on fertility, none on personality. 'This is the Earth Wife?' 'A crude version of her, very, very old, from far, far away.' […] traced three circles surrounded by a fourth on the tabletop. […] Although it resembled a crude face, it could be an even cruder, rounded out version of the figurine. 'That's an imu! 'So it is. And both of these images were ancient long before Mother Ragga was even born.' "
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Earth Wife
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