Mother Ragga's lodge physically exists in Peshtar, and as the name says is the home of the Earth Wife, Mother Ragga, as well as the Earth Wife's imp.[1] In sacred space, however, the lodge can be found in other places as well, and doors to it can appear possibly as the Earth Wife wills it.[2][3]


  1. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 3: Old Friends, Old Enemies" — "Before them across the street was a building so low that it seemed half sunken into the ground. The door posts and lintel were carved in high relief with intricate, serpentine forms. On the walls in either direction were painted a series of ovals with circles in them, rather like a multitude of crude faces with gaping mouths."
  2. Seeker's Mask, "Part III: The Riverland", II — "Then she focussed on the cliff face opposite. […] she thought she could trace an image: the front of a house, so low set that it seemed half-sunken into the ground. Carved on its walls were a series of ovals with circles in them—that crude, face-like symbol of ancient power known as the imu. Serpentine forms in stone rioted up the jambs and over the lintel. It looked exactly like the Earth Wife's lodge in Peshtar."
  3. Seeker's Mask, "Part III: The Riverland", V — "throughout the day, she kept catching half-glimpses of the Earth Wife's lodge. Never again did it appear as clearly as it had on the cliff-face. An arrangement of leaves, or bark, or shadow seen askance would merely suggest its carved lintel or imu decked walls, gone when regarded directly."

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