There, indeed, they went, waving their flag before them, prancing in some drill of their own eccentric creation, and singing.
 "We're the Edirr and we don't care.
 "Come and catch us if you dare!"
Torisen's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter XVII: The Winter War", VI

The Edirr are one of the lesser of the major Kencyr houses.

Reputation and archetypesEdit

The Edirr have a reputation for being bright, imaginative, and enthusiastic.[5] The Edirr are constantly teasing the other houses,[6][7][8][3] as well as their own house.[9]

They are also known for for the endless stream of twins they produce. Because of these numerous twins, it is standard for them to have twin lord and twin lordan, who share the power.[10]

Inter-house relationshipsEdit


The Edirr have have a been at odds with the Coman, being houses of similar size and neighbors right across the river.[11] The Edirr sometimes poach on the Coman's side of the river, with the Lords Edirr sometimes leading the raids themselves, just for the devilment of it in it's own right.[12]

Brandan and DaniorEdit

Both in the High Council chamber at Gothregor, and in the hall at Tentir, the Randir, Coman, and Caieron are on one wall; Jaran, Knorth, and Ardeth on one; and Danior, Edirr, and Brandan on one. This layout is said to group allies.[13] Within this trio, Brandan is the biggest and most powerful of the three. They are also the only grouping with only one "large" house, which suggests they may be less internal power struggles within this alliance, in contrast with the Randir-Caineron and Knorth-Ardeth alliances.


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