Eldest Island is the island that divides the River Silver at the Cataracts, splitting the latter into two falls rather than one.[1] The island's head descends to the bottom of the Cataracts, and was carved long ago into a giant face more than three hundred feet high, its forehead crowned with trees, its chin descending into the spray at the bottom of the falls.[2]


  1. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 14: Gathering Forces" — "Beyond the bottleneck was a small lower meadow that ran almost to the stony edge of the escarpment. The Mendelin Steps began here, level with Eldest Island, which split the river into two channels."
  2. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 14: Gathering Forces" — "of the island's head. Untold millennia ago, unknown hands had carved a giant face there. Its smooth forehead rose almost to the island's shaggy crown of trees. Its chin disappeared into the boiling cauldron of spray below. In all, it was more than three hundred feet high. Some claimed that the founders of Hurlen had been responsible for this too, that, in fact, it was the reason for Hurlen. Perhaps they had meant it to honor a king, perhaps a god. Ages of wind and water had left it characterless, ageless."

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