The Edirr twins will be swayed by their whimsy,
Adric, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 6: The High Council"

Essien and Essiar, Lords Edirr of Kestrie, are the current heads of the Edirr. The twins are lords jointly, and share their power.[1]

They're extremely identical,[2] and even finish each other's sentences when they're in private.[3]

They enjoy teasing the Caineron and Coman lords,[4][5] though with the Coman they take it further, sometimes leading raids on the Coman's side of the river, just for the devilment of it.[6]


Like all lords and matriarchs, Essien and Essiar are Shanir with the power to bind Kencyr to them.


  1. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter V: The High Council", III — " 'Do the Edirr always do everything in twos?' asked Jame, thinking of the Lords Essien and Essiar who shared power in their house."
  2. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 16: Blood Rites" — "They were wearing identical armor, riding twin stallions, and had both managed to get wounded on the left forearm. If he hadn't expected it of them, he would have thought he was seeing double."
  3. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 10: The Lurking Past" — "The Edirr twins sat beside a brazier in their tent, discussing women and, as usual in private, finishing each other's sentences."
  4. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 6: The High Council" — " 'So that was what happened at Tiglon,' said Essien, the seated twin, with a solemnity undercut by a flash of pure mischief. 'We always wondered,' said the standing Essiar, in the same tone. Caineron gave them both a furious glare."
  5. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter IV: Relics" — " 'The Edirr suggest that there be a special award at the Lordan’s Presentation for the best dressed heir.' […] clearly just Lords Essien and Essiar teasing the Coman and Caineron, who tended to dress for every occasion as if for their coronation."
  6. The Sea of Time, "Chapter II: A Willow Rampant" — " 'The Coman complain about the Edirr poaching on their side of the river.' […] 'I hear that sometimes one of the Lords Edirr leads a raid himself, for the sheer devilment of it.' "
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