Seen momentarily in profile, the Falconer's hooked nose looked like a beak, and there was something strange about his eyes. His apparent hunchback consisted of a small, alert merlin and the padded shoulder that served as its perch. As the bird's head jerked to and fro, so did its master's.
Jame's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter IX: School Days", I

The Falconer is a Shanir at Tentir.

He teaches the Shanir cadets with the talent for binding animals. Tarn, Drie, Shade, Jame, Gari, Dure, and Mouse are in his class, and they are known as the Falconeers. Gorbel is also supposed to be in his class, but he never attends.

As the name suggests, the Falconer also looks after the falcons at Tentir. He is blind, and sees through the eyes of his bound merlin.[1]


  1. Bound in Blood, "Chapter V: Fractures", III — "His own sunken eye sockets were sewn shut. Just as blind Jorin depended on Jame's sight, so did the Falconer on his merlin's. Now the bird's mad gyrations were clearly making him dizzy, not to mention his own jerking head as he instinctively tried to follow the other's darting gaze."

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