A foxkin is a creature somewhat like a bat, but more fox-like even than a fruit-bat, with a very fox-like face, fox-like ears, and a brushy tail.[1] Jame first encounters one while climbing up the tower at the center of Restormir towards the Crown; it dives inside her jacket, and Brier tells her that it's harmless and can be ignored. A large colony of the creatures appears to live inside the tower,[2] and Cattila, the Caineron Matriarch, is bound to them; they are her eyes and ears around Restormir, and are probably why she knows everything that goes on around there. One of her foxkin is named "Precious".[3]

Their sounds are transcribed as "Quipp?" for an inquisitive sound, and "Quee!" for a more surprised noise. They appear quite playful, catching bats and releasing them for sport.[4]

In To Ride a Rathorn, Jame discovers that Mother Ragga knits foxkin from yarn in her lodge.[5] She lets Jame try, but Jame finds that her inability with hand-crafts strikes again.


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  2. Seeker's Mask, "Part IV: Restormir", VI — "A grove of dwarf cherry trees hung with lanterns sheltered them to one side. On the other gaped the mouth of the shaft. Foxkin rode its feverish exhalation, light from the hall striking blue on the undersides of their black wings."
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