So this was Caldane's favorite son, who had led the Southern Host to slaughter at Urakarn, […] Hadn't there been some mystery about Genjar's death afterward? "A damned strange way to commit suicide," she had heard somebody say.
Jame's narration, Seeker's Mask,
"Part IV: Restormir", V

Genjar was Caldane, Lord Caineron's favorite son.

Traditionally, the Southern Host was commanded by a Knorth. Without a Knorth Heir to lead the Host, Lord Caineron had secured the post for Genjar.[1][2]

Genjar commanded over the disaster of the Battle of Urakarn, as Kruin and Amantine ordered.[3][4]

After the defeat, Sheth Sharp-tongue brought Genjar the a White Knife to commit suicide and regain his honor. Genjar refused, and Sheth left. Then Genjar saw Torisen, who he thought had died there. In a fit of anger, he lunged at Torisen and tripped on some fabric, stabbing himself in the side. The fabric got caught around his legs, and as he tried to free himself, he fell over the railing of his balcony.[5] Because he had been stabbed in the side with the White Knife, that was the official story of his death, although rumors persisted otherwise. Certainly Caldane hates Torisen over Genjar's death, though it seems he did not know the full story of what happened.[6][7]

His death banner hangs in Restormir; Brier Iron-thorn and Jame encounter it when they raid Restormir to recover Graykin in Seeker's Mask. Graykin is thought to closely resemble Genjar.


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