This article is about Ghill, a young Knorth Kendar boy. For Ghillie, hostler and musican at the Res aB'tyrr, see Ghillie.

What had really changed his mind [about Aerulan's banner], however, was a little boy playing by himself with a stick chalked half white. He had been stabbing at himself with it, practicing, he had said, so that when his parents chose the White Knife he could go with them.
Torisen's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter IX: Scrying Glass", I

Ghill was an young Knorth Kendar boy, son of Merry and Cron.[1]

Ghill died when he tried to ride a calf, and fell. He broke his neck, and was paralyzed. Torisen granted him the White Knife.[2]


  1. Bound in Blood, "Lexicon" — "Ghill: a Knorth Kendar, son of Merry and Cron"
  2. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XIII: Secrets", I — "'Lord, you know that this past winter my young son Ghill died.' […] The boy had tried to ride one of the new-dropped calves brought in to shelter from the storms and an unlucky fall had broken his neck. Worse, the accident hadn’t killed him outright. When the parents had seen that he was paralyzed, they had requested the White Knife. Torisen had never before brought death to one so young or so brave."

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