Two-thirds of the People fell that night, Highborn and Kendar. "Rise up, Highlord of the Kencyrath," said the Arrin-ken to Glendar. "Your brother has forfeited all. Flee, man, flee, and we will follow." And so he fled, Cloak, Knife and Book abandoning, into the new world. Barriers he raised, and his people consecrated them.
"Jamethiel's Lament", God Stalk,
"Chapter 7: The Feast of Fools"

Glendar Highlord was the Highlord who lead the Kencyrath to Rathillien after the Fall.


Glendar was the son of Cethron Highlord by his consort Lorien.[1] He was younger than his half-siblings Gerridon and Jamethiel Dream-Weaver. In "Hearts of Woven Shadow", Ganth recounts how Glendar, as the younger son in the family, had been overlooked and seen as useless until Gerridon fell.[2]

When Gerridon fell, the Arrin-ken declared Highlord, and urged him to flee. Glendar led the Kencyrath to Rathillien.[3]


The Highlords and their lordan are sometimes called Glendar's heirs,[4][5] the Knorth tracing their line from him.


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